Jamie Nell Design specializes in revitalizing homes built from the years 1900 to 1950. You may need a designer that can not only direct you through your project but can manage and finish it as well, someone who understands the history of your home and how to bring it to life again. Our turn-key services offer the most individualized and catered solutions for your remodel. Jamie works with each client individually, meeting with you online and in-person to understand your vision and needs. She then designs, takes care of product purchasing and procurement, directs contractors, and styles your home with the specified furniture and accessories - producing professional and timely results every time so you can immediately start living in your home upon completion.


Step 1: Design Consultation

Our interior design services always start with an online consultation. Consultations last up to an hour and a half and are an investment of $275. We will take a virtual walk-through of your home and Jamie will answer any questions you may have, offer solutions, and give feedback on the best ways to begin your project. There is no obligation to continue with our services after the consultation. It can be used as a stand-alone service or lead to our turn-key services. Either way, you will leave with greater knowledge, confidence, and a clear direction in moving forward. Schedule an online consultation today! 

Step 2: On-Site Meeting & Project Commencement

The next step is an on-site meeting, where we review the services needed, go over and sign Jamie Nell Design's contract, discuss the budget, and take initial measurements. The on-site meeting typically lasts one to two hours and is billed by Jamie's hourly fee of $100. 

Step 3: Trade Day

Trade day typically happens within two weeks of the first on-site meeting and is when contractors and subcontractors visit the home to review and begin drafting estimates. Jamie will be on-site for each contractor visit, directing the meetings, relaying client wishes and preliminary design plans, and discussing the best route for success moving forward.

Step 4: Design Presentation

After a period of design time, Jamie then visits the site again to present the design to the client. They discuss everything from the color palette to intricate design details, specifically catered to the client. The client will be presented with project costs, contractor estimates, floorplans, and materials, finishes, furniture, and products best suited for the project. Jamie receives feedback and makes any necessary changes according to the needs and desires of the client. 

Step 5: Construction Period

Once the design is adjusted and approved, Jamie starts ordering products and the construction period commences. This is when projects get messy, but fun! Be prepared for demolition and rebuilding! Jamie carefully tracks each contractor and subcontractor visiting the site and plans a date of completion. She makes sure that your project is running as smoothly as possible and in a timely manner so that you can be worry free!

Step 6: Client Reveal

Furniture comes in, everything is cleaned, and Jamie decorates the space so that when the client comes home, they enter a space that is beautifully and uniquely them! In the next few weeks, Jamie will troubleshoot any problems that may have arisen and the client can finally enjoy the redesigned home they have always dreamed of!


Design Consultation


  • Up to an hour and a half of online consulting with Jamie.

  • Real-time solutions and advice for your specific project. 

  • Advice on paint selection, furniture arrangement, decor, etc. 

  • Learn about the remodeling process and the specific challenges and solutions to remodeling an antique home. 

  • Rough sketches of the potential design solution for your home. 

  • New knowledge and confidence to move forward with your remodel. 

Turn-Key Services

$100 per hour starting at $5,000

  • Online and on-site consultations

  • Site measurements

  • Professional design and plans catered specifically to the needs of you and your historical home.

  • Product procurement and purchasing services

  • Access to custom elements such as upholstery, drapery, and molding

  • Access to exclusive product and designer discounts

  • Project management

  • Professional home styling

  • Care & Maintenance Instructions

  • Troubleshooting upon completion


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