The Top Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Remodeling

I love remodeling for the challenges it presents and the improvements to peoples' lives the outcome provides. As an interior designer who works primarily on aged and historic homes, I strive to be an expert on the subject of remodeling so that I can best assist clients. If you are on the fence about remodeling, I'd like to offer my 5 suggestions of why a remodel can be a wise venture to make.

1. It will better your life.

I've never had a client dislike the outcome of their remodel. In every case, it has improved the functionality and satisfaction their homes bring to their lives. Although the process may be stressful at times to some clients, the result is always a positive one and well worth the investment and effort. I've seen the outcome of a remodel improve moods, health, and family relationships for my clients.

2. It will improve and preserve your home and community.

If you are in Spokane, the next time you are driving on the freeway between downtown and the valley I want you to take a look around. There are neighborhoods on either side of the freeway that are falling apart because they haven't been cherished or kept up. This could happen to LITERALLY ANY neighborhood, no matter how beautiful the homes currently are. When you invest in remodeling your home, you are preserving it for the future and influencing the community around you for the better.

3. You can create your own unique style and improve the overall function of your home.

Ok, I love this one. The majority of homes built today are pretty monotonous, and yes, you often can select finishes when building, but unless you are building custom they still all have very similar floorplans, materials, and concepts. Homebuilding didn't always use to be so mainstream. Homes were built with beautiful hand craftsmanship and unique architectural details. In fact, tract developments really started emerging in the early 1940s when the need for affordable housing grew. Builders could more easily and affordably mass-produce homes because they were all the same, making them more available to the general public. This was a good thing because it got more people into their own homes and improved the quality of life for many, but it also greatly influenced the way we build communities today. Homes today are more often built for the masses, which isn't always functional to our various ways of living or reflective of the individual. When you remodel you can utilize the details that may be in the home (regardless of the generation it was built) and use them to create a space, style, and functionality all your own. You have full creative reign here! Although there are spatial limitations, you can push the boundaries and establish a home that is unique and that better caters to your lifestyle.

4. It is sustainable in many aspects.

So then there is the sustainability issue. Being truly sustainable really depends on the materials and products you use and the building practices put into place, but I want to offer this suggestion that remodeling is sustainable. As mentioned earlier, you are preserving a home and in turn, communities. You are preserving and reusing something that is already built. You aren't tapping into any new land or resources and oftentimes you are actually improving the efficiency of your home. Even if sustainability isn't your passion, it is still pretty cool to think of the positive impact your remodel could have on the earth.

5. It is an investment that will improve the value of your home.

This is a notable concern I often get when it comes to remodeling. This is also kind of a funny question to me because people spend thousands a year on things that don't last and that may or may not improve their lifestyle - clothing, shoes, products, vacations, etc., but they have a hard time investing in their own homes. Regardless of that though, remodeling is a big investment and you want to know that it will have a return financially. Of course the housing market and economy greatly affect this, but as long as your investment reflects the overall value or potential value of your home, there will almost always be a financial return, whether that is monetary or in assisting your home to sell faster for the asking price. Take a look at my pricing worksheet to figure out what you should invest in your remodel.

So, there you have it - my top 5 reasons for remodeling. Remodeling your home can be a lasting investment financially, health-wise, and in your relationships with others if done correctly. Let me know if this was helpful to you and what you would like to learn more about! If you would like more individual help, don't hesitate to sign up for a Design Consultation with Jamie Nell Design!

With love always,

Jamie Nell