The First Four Steps in Planning A Remodel

Many of you reading this are excited and anxious to start your remodel, some of you are in the middle of it and are feeling overwhelmed, and for others, it is just a thought you are exploring. Wherever you are at, and before you start tearing down everything in your wake, you need a plan. And I mean a pretty solid plan. Although you should be prepared for unexpected changes, you should also know what you are doing and how you are going to execute it before you even start the remodeling process. Here are my four suggestions for success:

  1. Discover your needs and set your intentions. This is so important before you dive all in. You need change. You want a change. You are excited to start shopping and tearing into things but, before you do all that, it is wise to dive into to the real root of the problem. Take a mental or physical walk through your space and think about where the problematic areas are and what your dream remodeled space would function like. This will help you to determine where to best exert your energy in the remodeling process.

  1. Calculate an investment for your project. I have known many individuals that get so excited and ready to start that they do so without much planning; then, they are halfway through and realize that it is double the cost they expected and they have so much to finish. Although the initial estimate of a project often changes a bit, it is always good to know what you are getting yourself into and how much you are willing to spend even if worse comes to worst.

  1. Create a plan for living during the remodel. It is tough living in a remodel 24-7. If it is a large project, especially a whole home reno, I always advise my clients to plan other living arrangements during the wake of the project. If that isn't possible, set up temporary work stations (like a kitchen in the basement) and plan a hangout where you can escape to when stresses are high.

  1. Find the right trade professionals and communicate with them clearly. Finding the right professionals for your job and communicating with them clearly and effectively is crucial to the success of your project. Make sure you get to know the individuals that will be working on your project a little bit and communicate what your expectations are for them throughout the project.

These four simple things will help you successfully navigate your project. For months I have been working on what content will be most useful to you as you begin or continue a remodel and all this week we will be hosting a Spring Remodeling Blitz where we will dive into each of these topics deeper to set you up for success! Each participant will leave with greater knowledge and awareness of the remodeling process as well as individualized solutions for their project! This will be hosted over Facebook, Instagram, and our blog. Sign up for our email reminders here to get the free workbook download and to stay updated on when we will be holding our Instagram and Facebook Lives each day!

With love always,

Jamie Nell