How to Navigate and Survive Your Remodel With Ease, and Have Fun Doing It

I have been there. I'm halfway through my kitchen remodel. I'm hungry and want to cook nutritious food, nothing's going my way, and I'm in tears. I get it! In lieu of helping you successfully navigate your remodel, here are my top suggestions:

1. If you have the opportunity, hire an interior designer or project manager and live offsite during the remodel. I know this can be a large added expense, but in the overall scheme of things, it is definitely worth it. If you have an interior designer or project manager taking care of everything, then the remodel is pretty worry-free and "will take care of itself". If someone else is managing what is happening and when it is happening, then you won't have to be on the site for every contractor visit. If you are a busy person with a lot of other responsibilities, this is a great option for you. Separating yourself from the site will give you the stress-free living you need. I suggest finding a long-term Airbnb. This would allow you to live comfortably for up to a few months depending on the length of your project.

2. If you must live on-site during the remodel, create a temporary setup for the activities that would normally take place in the space you are remodeling. Living offsite is always my highest recommendation, especially when hiring someone else to manage your project, but it is not always possible. In those cases, I recommend creating temporary work stations in your home. What does this look like? It is creating a small kitchen in the basement during a kitchen remodel, sharing a bathroom with the kids while yours is no longer functional, or setting up a folding table in the room adjacent to the laundry room when it is down to the studs. Keep in mind that if you set up appliances in places other than where they were intended, the outlets will not be able to handle the amount of energy they need to operate. So, either plan on using smaller appliances (like an electric grill or a microwave) or hiring an electrician to rewire for your temporary kitchen.

3. Create an Ideal timeline and be Patient. Time, energy, and a lot of money go into remodels. The reward is so worth it! Know that one day it will be over and you may just want to do it again!

4. Expect Hiccups. They are going to happen. I promise. Be aware of that fact, take deep breaths, and know in the end it will be ok. A delay in the cabinets never killed anyone, at least I don't think it did.

5. Treat Yourself. Even on a tight budget, find at least one thing to bring to your remodel that makes your heart sing. This could simply be a splurge on your favorite tile or even hiring an interior designer (wink, wink) to help you make it all come together beautifully.

6. Hire Professional Help. Even though you may be taking on your remodel yourself, there may be certain elements that either need a professional's help or would save you a lot of headaches and valuable time if you hired someone. Consider how much you are willing to do on your own and where that expertise will serve you well.

Remodels really are a lot of fun and I've never heard of someone hating the end result! There's a reason I've decided to specialize in them and it's because I can't get enough! If you have questions about how we can help, feel free to schedule a discovery call!

With love always,

Jamie Nell