Creating a Swoon-Worthy Outdoor Living Space

It's June and the weather here in Spokane is getting more and more pleasant every day! With all of us being confined to our homes these past few months, outdoor living rooms might just be the biggest trend of the season. Creating an outdoor living space can be a beautiful extension to your home as well as a luxurious escape from the crowds.

The first thing I want to mention is that when arranging your outdoor living space, you will want to make it comfortable and reflecting of your personality. Think about what you are going to use this space for - summer reading, family gatherings, having friends over, or maybe just a quiet escape. What are the elements you will need to add to the space that will enable you to utilize it often? Just like your indoor living spaces, this is an area that has a purpose, so starting with intentions is always the best way to go. It is also a place where you can express yourself. I find that when living spaces reflect the personality of the homeowners they are utilized more often because they create a welcoming retreat.

In order to do create this beautiful and functional outdoor space, here are my suggestions:

1. Purchase outdoor furniture that is comfortable, well-built, and aesthetically pleasing. Think of this area as you would your indoor living room - what sofas and armchairs do you find not only beautiful but comfortable for your summer lounging? What pieces have the quality to withstand outdoor conditions season after season?

Patio by Jessica Sara Morris

2. Use an area rug. This is what grounds the space. There are many area rugs made for indoor and outdoor use; choose one that fits your style so that you can create that cozy, indoor look outside.

Patio by LivyLand

3. Add accent furniture. Adding accent tables will give your outdoor living space more of that indoor charm. This is what will help it to truly look and feel like an extension of your home.

Photo by Homes to Love

4. Incorporate lighting. When designing an interior, lighting adds necessary depth, dimension, and function to the space. It does the same for an outdoor living space. Adding light fixtures, whether hanging or freestanding, will make your outdoor living room usable when the sun goes down as well as add charm to the space.

Light by Pottery Barn

5. Just as for an interior, I love adding potted plants and accessories to an outdoor living room. Add your favorite potted plants, throw pillows, and baskets to finish off your space! Accessories tie the whole space together, giving it that finished and swoon-worthy look!

Patio by Hannah Westby

Once you've created your outdoor living space, utilize it! Don't forget to take pictures and tag @jamienelldesign on Instagram. We'd love to see your successes!

With love always,

Jamie Nell