Creating a Healthy Living Environment in Your Home

With the rapid spread and scare of the Coronavirus, people around the world are spending more time in their homes and thinking more about how to stay healthy. Our environment plays an active role in our health and welfare and having a clean, organized space can aid in keeping your family safe. This is especially true when we are being asked to work and engage in schooling from home, to avoid social gatherings, and to pay special attention to hygiene (Coronavirus Guidelines For America). Making these simple environmental improvements in our homes can help us to stay healthy, not only physically, but mentally during these times:

Get organized. It is hard to stay healthy and positive when your living environment is a mess. When I'm unorganized, I start to stress about other areas of my life and too much stress can lead to a weakened immune system. Staying organized also allows you to know what supplies you have so that you can be prepared for an emergency and helps you to think more clearly. Less stress plus better preparation sounds like peace of mind to me! There are simple ways of creating a proper place for everything like investing in baskets and organizing them by item type, keeping things on shelves, in files, and in drawers. With having more time in our homes, this may be a good time to catch up with Marie Kondo!

Avoid keeping clutter. Clutter collects and dust and germs collect on clutter. Try to keep countertops, tables, desks, and shelves clutter-free by having minimal accessories and minimal stuff in general. Having fewer objects around creates an easier space to clean and, along with actually being clean, your home will feel more sanitary and appear more spacious.

Clean your home often. Along with washing our hands more, we should all be sanitizing our homes. You don't have to go overkill, but daily and weekly cleaning and sanitizing will keep germs from collecting. My favorite cleaning tools are Lysol Spray, Clorox Wipes, and

Utilize fresh air and natural light. Just because we are practicing social distancing, doesn't mean we need to practice nature distancing. In Spokane, it's starting to warm up a bit, so we can utilize nature more. Opening a window for a few minutes can improve your mood and the feeling of your home immediately. The fresh air can also improve your health (in with the good, out with the bad)! Even just opening the shades and letting the sunlight flood in will lift your spirits.

Bring living plants into your home. Not that they will kill the coronavirus (they're plants, not wizards), but house plants are known to purify the air and bring color and life to your home. They also give you something to easily care for and remind you that life keeps on going even in crazy times such as this. Some of my favorite air-purifying indoor plants are Aloe Vera, Spider Plants, and Snake Plants.

Throughout my career, I have seen how living environments positively and negatively affect my clients and how simple adjustments can make all the difference. I would love to hear how these suggestions help you to stay happy and healthy! Let me know in the comments below!